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QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts for PC

Working with QuickBooks Online isn’t always an easy task. We want you and your business to work as efficiently as possible. Below is a list of QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts for PC users to help streamline the use of your QuickBooks Online.

 Enter Dates
  • Next day: + (plus key)
  • Previous day: – (minus key)
  • Today: T
  • First day of the week: W
  • Last day of the week: K
  • First day of the month: M
  • Last day of the month: H
  • First day of the year: Y
  • Last day of the year: R
  • Open pop-up calendar icon to right of a date field: Alt + down arrow
Calculate Amounts & Rates
  • Add: + (plus key)
  • Subtract: – (minus key)
  • Multiply: *
  • Divide: /
  • Group: ( )
Navigate Fields on Most Forms 
  • Go forward: Tab
  • Go backward: Shift + Tab
  • Check a checkbox field: Space Bar
  • Zoom: Ctrl + (zoom in), Ctrl – (zoom out)
Save Forms 
  • From any form: Ctrl + Alt + S
  • Save and send: Ctrl + Alt + M
  • Exit transaction: Ctrl + Alt + X
  • Cancel: Ctrl + Alt + C
Choose Items In Drop-Down Lists
  • Jump to desired field: Tab
  • Open list: Alt + down arrow
  • Move through items in list: Up arrow or down arrow
  • Select item you want and move it to next field: Click Field, then press Tab
If List Has Sub-Items 
  • Type first few characters of parents item until selected
  • To jump to list of sub-items, type first few characters of sub-items until selected
  • Open list of sub-items: Alt + down arrow
  • Scroll through sub-items: Up or down arrow
  • Select item and move to next field: Tab
Move Around Number Field In Journal Entries 

Go to Journal Entry screen, then:

  • Move to distribution line above: Up arrow
  • Move to distribution line below: Down arrow
Move Around List Field in Journal Entries 
  • Jump from field to field: Tab
Find Text
  • Search for text in a window: Ctrl + F

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