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QBO Invoices Using Google Calendar

If you’re already using Goggle Calendar, you know how easy it is to sync your Gmail account with your calendar and create events.

But I feel like I absolutely must brag about Google Calendar for a minute before I share how awesome an integration between Google Calendar and QBO really is.

A few Amazing Google Calendar features:

  • Google Calendars can be shared and made visible to multiple people (works great for a company)
  • Events can be color coded, so your work events could be yellow, personal events blue and/or each person who has shared their Google Calendar can be a specific color, too
  • Google Calendars are mobile friendly, so you can see it anywhere and edit the calendar event when you’re on the go
  • GPS locations can be added and integrated with Maps (which is Perfect for client meetings); never get lost when heading to a new client again

Why the QBO Invoice with Google Calendar integration is AMAZING!

Because so many of us already use Google Calendars, the integration is easy. It allows us to take advantage of the work we’re already posting in our calendar(s).

And because our Google Calendar can be synced to several Gmail accounts/people, adding events onto an invoice is easy because we can see everyone at one time by importing the calendar with the shared events.

For example, if I go to a client meeting and my work calendar is shared with Ann, my partner, she can open an invoice and add my event. which imports what tasks where performed, when they were performed, the work duration and where I performed the tasks.

Third, once the details are imported from Google Calendar it is super easy to finish the invoice within QBO and then email it for payment.

It couldn’t be any easier or cheaper, because this integration is totally FREE!  You will find it at the Intuit QuickBooks App Center Invoice With Google Calendar App Page.

I just love the fact that there really isn’t anything extra to do, all we are doing is taking advantage of two great Apps we were already using, QuickBooks Online and Google Calendar. They are a perfect match!