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Data Importation to Quickbooks

Import, Export and Delete Data

Import data into QuickBooks and Eliminate manual data entry.With reduced errors when you import your data (lists )and transactions into Quickbooks


Increase Accuracy

Eliminate manual mistakes when importing data into Quickbooks,  data moves into and out of QuickBooks quickly and accurately.

Save Time

Your time is valuable. Make the most of it by automating data entry in QuickBooks.

Reduced data duplication

Reduce data duplication when importing your data into Quickbooks and work on a clean Quickbooks Company file to reduce corruption on Quickbooks.

3 Sources of Data Importation Into Quickbooks...

1.Excel Into Quickbooks

If you kept  your Data with Excel before, importing your existing data into QuickBooks instead of re-entering it. QuickBooks  supports importing from Excel, though it is recommended by Intuit to only import if you have a large amount of data, as it is easier to manually enter small amounts of data. During the process, you have the option to choose exactly what data from your Excel spreadsheet is imported.

2.Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online

If you’d like anywhere-access to your QuickBooks software, it’s time to switch to QuickBooks Online. The good news is converting from QuickBooks Desktop to Online is easy, and you shouldn’t lose any of your past data.

  • Export Company File to QuickBooks Online

    Open your QuickBooks Desktop program and sign in to the company you are converting to QuickBooks Online. Within your QuickBooks Desktop company, click on Company in the top menu bar and select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online

  • Transferring Lists Instead of Converting a QuickBooks Desktop File

    An alternative to converting your Desktop file to an Online company is to export important lists from your QuickBooks Desktop company and import them into your QuickBooks Online company. This will transfer your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, products, and services. However, you can’t transfer past transactions in this manner, so you’ll need to input beginning balances.

3.Others Into Quickbooks

We also do data importation from other accounting systems into Quickbooks.This Include: